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Dolly II No-Nude Sharechan
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>> No. 35616
OP... why in the world would you switch from Livecloudz, to this horrible slow Salesfiles??? Livecloudz is 4-5 times faster than Salesfiles, and there is only a 1-2 minute wait between DL's, whereas there is an hour plus wait between the snail slow DL's at Salesfiles. Not the first time that you've suddenly switched from a superior host to a far more inferior one.

You upload stuff that not many others share and I'm GRATEFUL for that, but your choice of hosts, and stubbornness of only sharing 1 set per DL is very frustrating and makes it take a long time to collect sets - especially if your online time per day is limited like me. I'm fortunate to get 1 set per day...

Please reconsider using Livecloudz again. Even the moneymaker posters are using better hosts than you! LOL

>> No. 35652
Couldn't agree more; this platform sucks! Waiting 1 hour between downloading individual files; it's almost like why bother posting them at all.

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