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Quality of posts. No-Nude Sharechan
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Redirectors, shorteners and filehosts with excessive link loops, excessive waitings or excessive ads are not allowed.
If you use a shortener or redirector, your posts will be approved ONLY if you also post to what filehost the link is pointing.

- Filehosts and redirectors not allowed: Binbox, Faststore, Linkshrink, Lumload, Salefiles, Shorte.st, Turbobit, Uptobox.
- Modelling agencies not allowed due to violation of the rules: Art Modelling Studios (AMS), Dolcemodz.

We don't mind that you earn some money with your links, but please think about the users. If your links are inaccessible nobody will download your files.
Also, take care of copyright. Don't post full riterips or very recent sets. Let the models and agencies monetize their new works. Thanks.

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