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Cara Model No-Nude Sharechan
File: sharechan.org_143697119194.jpg - ( 146.69KB , 853x1280 , Cara-Model_set93_029.jpg )
30977 No. 30977
some Cara Model sets

>> No. 30987
Never saw her before; she is simply stunning! Please upoad more if you have any. She has instantly catapulted into my top 10 Pantheon.

Where was she hiding all this time??

>> No. 31021
File: sharechan.org_143702768246.jpg - ( 158.57KB , 1280x853 , Kylee-Model_set113_007.jpg )
Thanks for the Cara sets. My interest in her was revived while I was posting sets in the Kylee thread & came across this set with Kylee,Cara & another lovely model. I originally posted it with several Kylee sets, so here it is separately http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/K3ILVBD4/Cara_Kylee_set113.rar_links

>> No. 31025
File: sharechan.org_143702964195.jpg - ( 537.75KB , 3504x2336 , VD031x05.jpg )

She hasn't been hiding. She modeled around 8-9 years ago for a couple of sites no longer in existence. As Cara with Kidmodels, and Tamara Zaitseva with SwissArts.

<<--- here she is with 2 other models you may be familiar with. Kylee model and NS Candy I.

>> No. 31073
Cara started in 2005 together with Kylee,Molly and Holly.
Thats all sets i have of her

>> No. 31898
File: sharechan.org_143776292316.jpg - ( 361.86KB , 2544x1696 , TZ046x004.jpg )
I found 47 of her Tamara Zaitseva Swiss Arts sets. They're on another board. Now, I'm wondering if it would be acceptable etiquette to post the other guy's link if I mention & thank him as the OP. Is this considered OK? Otherwise I'll upload them myself & post

>> No. 31915
please post those sets

>> No. 32031
I decided just to upload the sets & post a new link. Still over 7hrs to go (file is 1.3Gb). Will post link ASAP

>> No. 32091
File: sharechan.org_143796103423.jpg - ( 626.96KB , 1696x2544 , TZ004x053.jpg )
Sorry, I ran into problems while trying to upload. It might have been been that I was trying to upload another large file at the same time. The speed got slower & slower, so I decided since it was so long since I promised the sets I'd break it up a bit. This way I could at least get a few sets up & the file is small enough that zippy can be an option to downloaders. This is Cara's Swiss Arts Tamara Zaitseva sets 1-6 https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0MAR483W/Tamara_Zaitseva_SwissArts_1-6.rar_links

>> No. 32153
thanks, please more of her

>> No. 32281
anything new here?

>> No. 32300
File: sharechan.org_143812928845.jpg - ( 470.73KB , 1696x2544 , TZ015x033.jpg )
Here's a few more. I'm not sure what was with hugefiles. Here is sets 7-18 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0OOJFXKX/Tamara_Zaitseva_SwissArts_7-18.rar_links I just started some more

>> No. 32306
File: sharechan.org_143814125147.jpg - ( 725.68KB , 2544x1696 , TZ024x041.jpg )
Here's the next ones sets 19-24 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/WFTTU01A/Tamara_Zaitseva_SwissArts_19-24.rar_links More on the way

>> No. 32381
File: sharechan.org_143815809810.jpg - ( 787.79KB , 1696x2544 , TZ024x059.jpg )
I re-upped sets 19-24. Use this one instead http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/I3CABL4H/Tamara_Zaitseva_SwissArts_19-24_0.rar_links I noticed after my previous post, that it was not on my list of files. The other one may not work. Even so, I like to know which items are popular, & in case something is deleted. In fact, after I finish with Cara/Tamara I have to re-up something that's disappeared for no apparent reason

>> No. 32390
File: sharechan.org_143817444769.jpg - ( 555.72KB , 1696x2544 , TZ035x055.jpg )
Here's 26-37

>> No. 32406
File: sharechan.org_143819467320.jpg - ( 357.20KB , 2544x1696 , TZ044x041.jpg )
The last Swiss Arts Tamara Z sets 38-47 ttp://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0GRQNMVK/Tamara_Zaitseva_SwissArts_38-47.rar_links

>> No. 32518
File: sharechan.org_143831054595.jpg - ( 472.00KB , 1696x2544 , TZ047x025.jpg )
So that's all for now. I don't know if she did anything else, for Swiss Arts. I'll look into it. As far as her Cara sets go, there's still a lot more. There's another Cara thread, which may even be on the same page when you read this. If not, here's a link to it ../res/32198.html#i32198

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